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My Background

I was born somewhere in GA supposedly on January 1st, 1969. I discovered later in life that I was adopted and the facts of my adoption are blurry. The records at the adoption agency were lost in a fire in 1972 so I could be from Mars for all I know. Regardless, I was born in Norcross, GA and moved to Stone Mountain, GA where I spent my early years .

At 9 years old, I was accepted to the Atlanta Boys Choir (now Georgia Boys Choir) and during my time with the group we traveled to Washington D.C to perform at the opening of the Holocaust Museum. Later that year, we flew to Europe to perform Christmas concerts around the country. It was a great experience, we even sang for the Royal family including the Queen of England.

We moved from Stone Mountain to Liburn GA. I completed my schooling at Brookwood High School, graduating in June of 1987. My high school years were amazing.

Following HS, I joined the US Army to serve my country and protect the freedoms that we enjoy. It saddens me that people today don't appreciate the efforts made by the US military, law enforcement and border patrol to keep America free and safe from outside dangers.

Following the military and came to California in 1991 on vacation and never left. I love the weather and proximity to beaches, mountains and deserts. After 27 years though I am considering a location with few people...LA is too crowded and becoming too political.

During my time in Los Angeles, I have worked in many areas of the entertainment industry starting with acting as an extra to extras coordinator and audience coordinator. I climbed the ladder to front desk reception at a large talent agency, moving to a PR firm, digital internet news channel and ending up as a writer and producer (9 short films - 3 on IMDB, where you can check out my other work)

After my 2 years of education at the Art Institute of California to learn other aspects of the film production process. I launched the production company in 2013 and now I am working on pitching scripts while being a "Script Doctor" for other writers.

My Hobbies

When I am not working, I make time to play beach volleyball, tennis or occasionally bowling. I am a movie buff so becoming a member of the AMC STUBS club as an A-Lister ($20/mo for 3 movies a week for any screen, i.e. 3D IMAX). In addition to the above, I love playing poker. Living in Lancaster, if I want to play in a low buy-in tournament  I go to Diamond Jim's. When working in LA I love the Commerce Casino,

Stonne Entertainment Group, LLC

Stonne Entertainment Group, LLC (SEG) was established in 2013 initially as a liability umbrella for my writing and film production. Over the last few years, we created Stonne Henge Production as a division of SEG and recently added Richter Scale Magazine - a digital online magazine and a YouTube Channel (both launching January 2019). In Spring 2019, we will add a full-service travel agency, Stonne Global Travel.

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